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Walk away with an action plan on to keep your energy levels high

See how you can be more energised and productive than ever before

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"After working with Jen I feel happier, more confident and more importantly able to stop letting my issues impact on my wellbeing. Jen will definitely help you work through any issue or problem no matter how big or small.

School Teacher


“I found Jen’s approach was realistic, authentic and fun. Once I had clarity, with Jen’s guidance, I was amazed at what I was able to achieve in my personal life which then blended into my professional life.

Linda Christof
Senior Manager


“Jen is a master at asking the right questions! She's intuitive, down to earth and caring. If you want to get to your goals quicker, or master your mindset, Jen is the go-to-girl- Highly recommended.

Copywriter + Photographer

Get a Proven and Actionable Wellness Edge Roadmap

That includes 3, done with you steps


Your Lifestyle

We'll take a close look at your current lifestyle and what really matters to you, so we can come up with some personalised suggestions for you


A Personalised
Energy Audit

Learn the 5 different sources of energy we all have, what's working well for you at the moment, and what obstacles are holding you back from being your best

Woman Tired and Energetic


A Customised
Energy Action Plan

A customised action plan based on your current situation to begin your journey of unlocking your true potential, so you can live life on your own terms

Featured Testimonials From Happy Clients

“Before coaching with Jen I was facing chronic fatigue and chronic pain, struggling with motivation to exercise and just get things done. I had to have a sleep every day just to get through the day and didn’t have the energy or motivation to perform daily activities and my work was starting to suffer. 

During my work with Jen I created better routines around eating habits and sleep habits. I developed a better way to think about things and not worry about what others think about me and better able to evaluate situations without worrying about the results.

As a result of the coaching I am exercising more consistently, I have greater energy levels and more motivation. I feel more organised and have a healthier outlook on life. I have more positive thought patterns and I am better at evaluating situations and not get caught up in my own thoughts and can take into consideration other people’s perspective. 

Jen’s coaching is definitely worth it! I would recommend Jen for anyone who is struggling with motivation and needs accountability to achieve goals that are important to you.”

Emma Johnson
Speech Pathologist

Emma Parkes

"With a busy career, three children, aging parents, a sister with disabilities and all of life’s other responsibilities, I was feeling stressed and overstretched. A common problem for a lot of people however it was starting to impact myself personally, and also my relationships, so I knew I needed some guidance to work through the issues. 

I loved that whilst you had a ‘plan’, it was extremely flexible and fluid. You have helped me set stronger boundaries, work on my limiting beliefs, create more space in my life and re-program myself to relax along with dealing with other issues as they arose.

Jen, thank you for helping me with my mindset and providing me with practical tips to put my own oxygen mask on first. I now feel calmer, more positive and more balanced.

Karen Chant
Real Estate Agent

Karen Chant image

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