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We work with you to help you actively pursue optimal health and wellness at The Wellness Edge… by combining mind-body health and wellness. Our physiotherapy clinic is located in Dubbo NSW, where we offer integrative physiotherapy with both face-to-face and online video appointments/programs. Our aim is to help you turn your pain into power and get you back to doing what you do best...faster.

We have a Wellness and Recovery Room which has a Full Spectrum Sunlighten Infrared Sauna and Normatec Compression Therapy for when you need to rejuvenate or to recover from a hard training session. Our Dubbo clinic also offers Wellness Consulting and Coaching when you need some support and accountability to achieving your health and lifestyle goals.   

By enhancing your level of wellness with both mind and body, you can build the skills and habits to help you get on the right path to living a more authentic, happy, and fulfilling life. Now is the time to address your body pain and aches, break free from your the habits that are holding you back, uncover your true desires and start transforming your life!





Comprehensive, effective assessment and treatment for complete body care.



Revitalize and restore with advanced wellness and recovery solutions



Feel more vibrant, more confident and find greater fulfilment in each day.



Join our group classes for a journey to vibrancy, confidence, and daily fulfillment


Based in Dubbo NSW, we offer a range of integrative physiotherapy and wellness services to help you meet your unique life goals.

Our integrative physiotherapy service is based on comprehensive, effective assessment and treatment for complete body care.

Take your health and wellbeing to the next level with our online wellness coaching course which focuses on helping you feel more vibrant, profoundly confident and find greater fulfillment in each day.

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I feel happier, more confident…

After working with Jen - I feel happier, more confident, and more importantly able to stop letting my issues impact on my wellbeing. Jen will definitely help you work through any issue or problem no matter how big or small, so give it go - highly recommended!


An inspiring person… easy to connect with!

Working with Jen was the best decision I've ever made. It's made my daily life so much more enjoyable, not to mention my relationships with others. I'd highly recommend Jen and her methodologies. She's an inspiring person and so easy to connect with.


I now have more focus and motivation…

During the sessions with Jen, we worked on setting realistic goals and bringing more structure to my life. I now have more focus and motivation to stick to the things I said I would do. As a result of Jen’s coaching, I’ve totally changed the way I approach things. I now have a much more positive outlook on life and I realised that I am accountable for the things I can control. Since the coaching sessions, I’m now less self-critical and more honest with myself.


Tools to help plan... organize… prioritise…

My goal was to balance time across family, sport, work, and friends. Jen provided a range of tools to help me better plan and organise each week and prioritise what is important, reflect on my own position and clearly think about what’s required to maintain a strong mindset.


Helped me discover effective new viewpoints…

Before Jen I struggled to create structure around my full-time study and full-time career, but Jen helped me discover effective new viewpoints. She helped me during my examination period which led to a more relaxed and productive outcome. I recommend Jen for any area of life you'd like to improve. Her communication skills and interview style is highly effective and applicable to a vast range of areas in life.



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