We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals for optimal results.

Physiotherapy at The Wellness Edge includes the assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal issues. This includes injuries to the muscles, bones or joints, including the back and neck. We also have experience and a particular interest in stress related pain, cancer rehabilitation, breathing dysfunctions and chronic pain.  

We use advanced techniques to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent injury as well as a wide range of health conditions with a focus on movement disorders.

Physiotherapy treatment at The Wellness Edge is very ‘hands on’. This means that you will receive dedicated one on one care throughout your entire treatment session. Our physio, Jen is skilled in joint manual therapy, muscle release techniques and prescription of exercise rehabilitation programs.

We collaborate closely with a network of GP’s, Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons and in order to provide the best care, will refer complex cases to the appropriate practitioner for the required imaging or neurological testing. This gives the best chance for the most accurate diagnosis for your injury and prevents extended months of treatment in the absence of a definitive pathology. Because we at The Wellness Edge believe that in order for you to get the best care, we need to treat the cause of your injury, not just the symptoms.

Customised rehabilitation programs are developed for all patients with ample time for demonstration of exercise technique and education of the physiology of injury healing. We design customised rehabilitation programs that are accessed using an easy to use app on your phone or tablet.