Online Video Consult @ The Wellness Edge

Online video consultations (also known as telehealth consultations) are the best way to allow you to access and consult with an experienced physiotherapist to get the help you need…fast.

These consultations are perfect for people who are…

  • In remote or rural areas.
  • Stuck at home in isolation.
  • Going through cancer treatment and need to self-isolate.
  • Needing advice on what exercises are right for you.
  • Needing ergonomic workstation setup.
  • Needing personalised exercise rehabilitation programs - this can be sent to you via a written report, online video, or to your smartphone via PhysiApp.
  • Needing injury prevention strategies


With the use of video consultations, you get your injury assessed and diagnosed via any combination of webforms, video consultations or secure messaging with a qualified and experienced physiotherapist.

The online video consultation process is a simple three-step process…

  1. Assessment - assessment will start with a detailed history of your pain and injury. Then a physical assessment including getting you to do certain movements and tests. You will have plenty of chances to ask questions.
  2. Diagnosis - the physio will discuss with you the diagnosis of your injury.
  3. Treatment - The physio will also create a personalised exercise rehab program with videos and instructions as required to help you through any rehab program.


  • To secure your booking, you are required to pay for your appointment prior to your consultation.
  • You do NOT need to sign up for an app - you will be emailed the link and your physiotherapist will contact you via this link at the time of your appointment.
  • Prior to your initial online video consultation, you can send any relevant medical correspondence regarding your injury or problem via email, attaching any medical reports, x-ray or scan reports and background history. This will greatly assist them in the consultation.
  • Ensure you have access to your computer at the time of your appointment and that your camera is in working order.
  • Please note - not all online video consultations are health fund claimable in Australia. If you have any queries regarding the consultation or booking, please contact us at


  1. Simply click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below. This will take you to the booking page.
  2. Scroll down to Jen Edge.
  3. Click through and select ‘Online Video Physiotherapy Consultation’.
  4. Select the appointment type that applies to you. If this is your first ever appointment with the clinic, you’ll need to select ‘Initial online video consultation - 60min’. For any follow up consultations - select ‘Follow up online video consultation - 30min’.
  5. All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Savings times (AEDST).

PLEASE NOTE - To secure your booking, you are required to pay for your appointment prior to your consultation. Follow the steps on the payment request email that you will receive to make you payment safely and securely online.