Keep your health on track these holidays…with these 10 Simple Tips

Is the festive season really a good enough excuse to completely let yourself go…only to then punish yourself in January?

Remember just last Christmas when you swore that you weren’t going to pig out and be so stuffed that you were in physical pain?

Research has shown that weight put on over the holiday season is rarely lost again.

You don’t want a constant reminder hanging around your middle!


So, I’ve put together 10 top tips to help you survive the festive season

1.      Instead of trying to lose weight, aim to maintain your weight over the holiday season

2.      Set yourself a fitness challenge for the new year – and start working on it now!

3.      When you’re away on holidays – walk as much as you can and take advantage of any sports facilities where you’re staying

4.      When you’re at parties – use a smaller plate, eat slowly and don’t go back for seconds

5.      Don’t fill up on ‘filler foods’ like bread, pasta, rice and potato

6.      Commit to minimising alcohol. Stick to a maximum of 2 standard drinks per day. More than this can lead to weight gain

7.      Eat prior to parties. Then you won’t be as tempted to pig out because you’re starving

8.      Drink plenty of water. The more dehydrated you are when drinking alcohol, the worse the hang over

9.      Don’t hang around the buffet table. Remove the temptation for mindless eating

10.  Stay strong and don’t give in to the peer pressure to overindulge. In fact…shift the focus from eating and drinking, to fun activities

I wish you a holiday season full of fun, laughter and love.