In pain again? Don’t just reach for the drugs

My friend, Tanya*…was so disconnected from what her body needed to be healthy that she ignored the signs her body was giving her…

…and this lead to a drug dependency.

Another day, another headache…for over 6 months…“I don’t have time for this!” Tanya shouted…she took a couple more anti-inflammatories.

Tanya couldn’t afford to stop and rest!

She had a successful business to run, 2 daughters to look after, a husband to keep happy and an upcoming marathon to train for.

Now, the medication helped to ease the headaches…initially.

She noticed though, that she was getting headaches more and more frequently. No matter how many anti-inflammatories she took…her headaches didn’t go away.

And she started to notice other things too…she was training loads and pushing herself really hard…but she still had a flabby bum and thighs.

“What was going on?” she would say when she looked in the mirror.

To add to her stress, she wasn’t sleeping well and always felt exhausted…resulting in a very short fuse around the house.

This was ruining her relationship!

Tanya felt so bad because she frequently snapped at her husband and yelled at her kids.

Eventually her health deteriorated and she was forced to stop training.

Her GP told her that her body had become immune to the anti-inflammatories…she needed to stop taking them.

So, what was the problem?

Her own body was giving her signs that she had to stop pushing and address the underlying issues.

She needed to stop ignoring the signs and find a way to solve the problems to bring her body back into balance.

Now, Tanya’s road to recovery will be long…and a little bumpy…but her eyes are now open! She’s now able to find out what positive steps she needs to take to rebalance her health and her lifestyle.

The point is this…if you have chronic pain or dysfunction, muscle tension or headaches without a traumatic injury to cause it…find a long-term healthy solution.

So, what’s the answer?

Address the underlying problem…dig deeper, find out what’s causing the pain…this will in turn, rid you of your pain for good.

* I’ve used the name Tanya (instead of my friends real name), for privacy reasons.