Focus forward…motivation for lasting results

Hi guys, I’m just curious…what motivates you?

You’ve may have heard that there are two types of motivation – away from and towards motivation.

Motivation is obviously important because it determines whether you take action towards your goals or not. Knowing the difference between away from and towards motivation could help you not only kickstart you on your path towards achieving your goals but also help you stay on track when the road starts to get bumpy (which it inevitably will).

Typically, towards motivation is moving towards something that you want…this could be something that gives you pleasure. An example could be having boundless energy each day so you can work efficiently and still have time to fully engage with your children when you get home.

Whereas away from motivation is moving away from something that you don’t want…this could be pain. An example could be dragging yourself out of bed each day feeling fatigued and grumpy to face another hectic day at work. 

Ok, so now we know the difference, which one is better?

Well, away from motivation is fantastic to kick start a new journey. It can give you the boost you need to get going – like when you look in the mirror and are repulsed by your body because you’re 30kg overweight and feeling sluggish. But research shows that this may not enough to achieve long lasting change.

What they’ve found is that away from motivated people typically find that they get results that yo-yo. So, maybe you even get results quickly but they just as quickly lose the momentum and fall back into old habits.

Alternatively, towards motivated people typically find that their results last. Because they have something to work towards – something that is driving them forwards. And isn’t that what we all want? To make our time and effort towards change count – not just to slip back into old ways and keep getting the same old results. Life is all about movement – so why not put your energy and focus into something that will progress and move you forward.

As Dr Martin Seligman (known as the father of positive psychology) said in a podcast I listened to recently – humans seem to be ‘natural thinkers about the future’. That’s why all of my clients work on setting goals and creating a vision of their future – it’s so powerful and effective in achieving long lasting results.

So many people know what they don’t want, I help them figure out what they do want and then, how to get it. So I encourage you….focus forwards! Put your energy and focus into what you want for your health and your life because you only get one body and one life.

Make it count!  

I’m Jen Edge and remember, YOU have the power to steer your own course in health and life.