Focus forward…motivation for lasting results

Hi guys, I’m just curious…what motivates you?

You’ve may have heard that there are two types of motivation – away from and towards motivation.

Motivation is important because it determines whether you take action towards your goals or not.

No solid goals to work towards? You’re destined to fail…

This is for the athletes out there…

Have you even noticed that when you’re not training for a specific event you’re not as motivated or consistent with training?

That’s because you don’t have anything solid to work towards. Without goals, it’s easy to become distracted, disheartened, and even give up.

Goals are the cornerstone of achievement.



Work in progress…and it\’s ok

One of my habits (perfectionism) can sometimes get in the way. I didn’t need to be losing sleep over a few formatting discrepancies. This is something I’m very aware of and working on changing my mindset around it.

I’m dedicated to continuing to work on my patterns of habit because the moment you take your eye off them they creep back in!

More progress, faster

There is no doubt you can make positive progress in your life without a coach. But, those who make more progress and at a faster speed, whether it’s in the area of career, health, relationships, sport or wealth…all have a coach or mentor.

Do you want to get the best results and make the most of your time?

Close The Gap: Between Thinking And Doing

Have you ever thought I’d really like to make that change to my life but it’s just too hard?

For years I stayed in a job I hated and an unhappy relationship that left me feeling unappreciated and miserable. I had become so down trodden that I has started to convince myself that this was the best it was going to get for me, this was all I deserved and I needed to just accept it and live with it.