Jen Edge

6 Simple Ways To Beat Burnout

Are you a high achiever? Are you passionate and focused?


Your performance has started to slip because you’re completely exhausted and unable to maintain the high level workload? 

Focus forward…motivation for lasting results

Hi guys, I’m just curious…what motivates you?

You’ve may have heard that there are two types of motivation – away from and towards motivation.

Motivation is important because it determines whether you take action towards your goals or not.

No solid goals to work towards? You’re destined to fail…

This is for the athletes out there…

Have you even noticed that when you’re not training for a specific event you’re not as motivated or consistent with training?

That’s because you don’t have anything solid to work towards. Without goals, it’s easy to become distracted, disheartened, and even give up.

Goals are the cornerstone of achievement.