Feeling a loss of freedom?

Is anyone else feeling this sense of loss? I’m noticing this feeling of a loss of freedom. It’s almost like grieving for…grieving the life we had before COVID-19 even existed. And I think it’s a fairly valid feeling. You know, this, this feeling of, especially in Australia, we have, we’re so blessed and lucky to have so much freedom in our lives.

Freedom to go pretty much wherever we want, when we want, places that we can go and have fun, going to the movies or going to a performance, a musical performance or concert or gallery or going shopping or, you know, going out and going to a party, playing sport, all these things that so many of us find fun and enjoyable, and have we have this real sense of freedom being able to do these things. And unfortunately, that’s been taken away. So I feel, personally, I feel this sense of…this loss of freedom and I know that the social distancing and the isolation and having to, to pull back on everything is there to keep us safe and I am really appreciative of that fact because I want to keep safe for me but also for everyone else so that we don’t have huge outbreaks and everyone getting sick at once and or just people getting sick in general.

But I really feel like if we look at it, as a, you know, this holistic view, we look at the other side of things, you know, the flip side of things, is I think it’s okay to recognise that people are going to feel this way, and being able to talk about it and not just trying to always be positive and optimistic or always trying to see the silver lining. I think there’s definitely a place for that, but also there’s a place for being able to express how you’re feeling at the time and not always trying to just look at the positives of things. But be realistic, you know, we’re all going to be going through some stress at some point or some anxiety or worry. And I think that that’s completely normal, and being able to actually validate that fact. And I’m just really wanting to share that with you. And just this sense of a loss of freedom is really profound, I think, for a lot of people and I think it’s one of those things that is adding to that, that feeling of, of stress or anxiety.

And yeah, I think that it’s, it’s really helpful for me, I’ve got a personal coach and I am a personal coach, is being able to talk about that without any judgment around it. But just saying, you know, I, this is how I feel. And rather than questioning, you know, should I say this or should I be feeling this way, but just being able to say that is really, really helpful, and a really valuable thing to be able to do so.

Try and find someone that you can talk to about this without any judgment. If you do want to have a chat…I’m here for you. Wanting just to help people through this whole situation. So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you today.

Hope you found it useful. If you did, then just leave a comment or share it and tune in for other videos in the future. Okay, bye for now.