Close The Gap: Between Thinking And Doing

Have you ever thought I’d really like to make that change to my life but it’s just too hard?

For years I stayed in a job I hated and an unhappy relationship that left me feeling unappreciated and miserable. I had become so down trodden that I has started to convince myself that this was the best it was going to get for me, this was all I deserved and I needed to just accept it and live with it.

I’ve been stuck in this phase many times for a number of reasons:
• I couldn’t imagine myself making the changes
• I didn’t believe I deserved any more than what I had
• Being miserable had become normal to me

After years of being stuck in this stalling pattern of thinking and feeling, I made a decision to value myself and what I wanted. So, I quit my job and the horrible relationship and started learning about ways to make the changes I needed, to have the life I wanted. I stopped thinking about what I wanted and decided to take action!

Now…I coach other people to do the same.

Thoughts can lead to action but a lot of people get stuck in the thinking phase and don’t follow through with decision then action. Everyone has a good idea at some point but time and time again they do nothing with it and the good idea is just forgotten about…wasted!

Too many times I hear people come up with excuses why they can’t pursue an idea or make changes in their life. Basically, it’s too hard. This is your time…no one else’s. If you’re waiting for someone else to give you permission…you’ll be waiting for a long time…they’re too concerned about what’s happening in their own lives. Don’t wait for the stars to align or to have all your ducks in a row. Your time is now!

As I’m sure you’ve experienced, the greatest things you’ve ever done were done outside your comfort zone. Have you noticed that it’s when you’re challenged that you learn great things about yourself and you feel a greater sense of fulfilment?

The longer you defer your dreams the more of your life is passing you by. You need to be honest with yourself. Because the cold hard truth is that YOU are the only one stopping yourself from creating the life you truly deserve and are destined to live.

Do you want to make changes but you don’t know where to start? It all seems a bit overwhelming? It’s actually not that complicated. It’s actually quite simple if you know how.

CHANGE IS EASY…once you know the strategies.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the answer is to make huge changes. It doesn’t have to be massive action. The best way to make a change or replace a bad habit is by doing 3 simple things:

1. Make small changes
2. Be consistent
3. Believe in yourself

Don’t settle like I did…

Don’t settle for what is familiar, what is comfortable…because you may end up miserable. Get out of your own way and as my mentor Benjamin Harvey says…\”become an action-taking machine\”!

Remember, YOU have the power to steer your own course in life.