How You Can Develop Self-Awareness To Solve ANY Problem

If you were with me 6 years ago you would have found yourself in England living the dream.

I moved over on a working holiday visa, but stayed because I’d fallen in love with a great English accent. I mean guy! Joking aside, I had a good job, I was young, fit and had a boyfriend who loved me.

But something wasn’t right…  

Four years went by and I was desperately unhappy, but not entirely sure why.

When you’re not self-aware it’s hard to find the cause of your pain. And if you can’t find the cause, you can’t fix it.

Although in retrospect it was obvious. I was disconnected with myself and so we too (the accent and I) were disconnected. Our ability and willingness to communicate had collapsed, so we fought all the time. I didn’t love myself enough to communicate my frustrations with anything, so they became everything! I became a walking time bomb.

But we’ve all been there right?

It was like being stuck on a merry-go-round that you can’t get off. You want to change. You want to grow, but isn’t easy. So you go round and round until you feel so sick you have no other choice but to leap off that merry-go-round before you make a big mess.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

When you become really self-aware, you don’t wait for things to get that bad before you realise and make a change. So you grow faster and get what you want faster.

Unfortunately this time round, I didn’t have the self-awareness until I was green in the face (following on from our ‘being sick on the merry-go-round’ analogy). But eventually I made the tough choice – I ended my relationship and give up the life I knew. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I couldn’t continue. I moved back to Sydney and made the effort to get to know myself.

The first step to change anything is self-awareness (i.e. to know yourself).

By developing your self-awareness, you begin to rediscover who you are at your core. And you start to steer your own course in life.

But how do you develop self-awareness?

One way is to have people around you who can help you uncover what’s truly important to you.

This can be done through asking the right questions:

·      What are your values?

·      Is your lifestyle congruent with your purpose, what you value, what you’re passionate about and what’s in your heart?

·      What beliefs are currently holding you back from living your true potential?

·      Observe who you are and decide – is this really who I want to be?

If your answer is no and you’d like some extra help, as a coach I know exactly the right questions to ask to get the right answers.

To develop your self-awareness (i.e. get to know yourself better), so that you can start living the life you want – email me at to book your Complementary Clarity Call.

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tsu

Remember – YOU have the power to steer your own course in life.