Don’t let procrastination be the thief of your dreams…

There I was…deadline looming and I wasn’t working on my assignment.

Instead, I was watching another episode of Seinfeld.

You know the one with the NASA pen that writes upside down and Elaine ends up drugged up on pain killers and is yelling ’Stella’ at the top of her lungs…hehe…classic!!

Believe it or not, the Internet did not give rise to procrastination…oh no…we’ve been finding ways to put off doing things for centuries before it came along.

But why do we do it when we know that we have something important due?

Even worse is when there is no deadline and we just procrastinate about life in general.

That’s the real worry….you could procrastinate years (if not decades) of your life away without even realising it!

Procrastination is just a habit that we can break if we have the motivation, commitment, resilience and persistence.

Procrastination…everyone does it at some point or another.

Interestingly…research by Fellow Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University found that as many as 20 percent of the population may be chronic procrastinators.

The good news is…you can use procrastination as a tool. If you have the right level of awareness you can use it as a tool to break the pattern:

•  Procrastination is just feedback that the size of the task exceeds your belief that you can actually      complete it


•  That the task at hand is the wrong thing to be spending our precious time on

So…spend majority of your time doing things that you value.

It’s not about time management…it’s about decision management. 

You can’t manage time…you can only manage yourself and your decisions

Manage how you choose to spend your time and who you choose to spend it with!

Don’t let procrastination be the thief of your dreams!

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