Pelvic floor incontinence

A Breakthrough, Non-Invasive Treatment for Incontinence

Have you ever dealt with urine leaks during exercise?

How about those cringe worthy moments when a cough or a loud laugh becomes an embarrassing situation?

These scenarios have become part of the daily life struggles for approximately 37% of Australian women experiencing various levels of urinary incontinence (UI), as reported by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). These challenges chip away at their confidence and overall well-being.

A woman’s pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting her bladder, bowel and uterus (womb). However, if these muscles undergo stretching, weakening, or damage, the once sturdy barrier weakens, making it tougher to regulate the bladder. This is called urinary incontinence.


In recent years, a breakthrough treatment for incontinence has emerged. The BTL Emsella Chair is a completely non-invasive option for those suffering with incontinence that can help you break free of the pain and discomfort caused by a weak pelvic floor, so you can look forward to life with more confidence.


The BTL Emsella Chair


What is the BTL Emsella Chair, and how does it work, you might ask?

BTL Emsella utilises High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) energy to induce deep and vigorous pelvic-floor contractions. Each session triggers thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. This action is similar to doing 11,200 kegel exercises, but with far more intensity, less effort, and involves sitting on the Emsella chair for 28 minutes. 

Aiming to restore neuromuscular control in the pelvic region, especially the pelvic-floor muscles and the bladder. By doing so, the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and improved dramatically; the vaginal walls are tightened and urinary and urge incontinence is decreased.

That’s time well spent!

I understand you may have some burning questions about the Emsella Chair and whether it’s the ultimate solution you’ve been looking for. For in-depth information, feel free to dive into the details on our BTL Emsella page.

BTL Emsella chair

Why choose Emsella?

Here lies help with pelvic floor incontinence that is effortless and effective. Here are some common reasons why people say YES to Emsella, and why you should too:

  • Emsella is a straightforward, non-invasive treatment that offers highly successful results.
  • You can sit, read a book, and talk to friends and family fully clothed while having an Emsella treatment session.
  • The Emsella treatment takes less than half an hour per session, and it is not painful, so your experience will always be quick and comfortable.
  • There is no down time after treatment.


At The Wellness Edge, we conduct a thorough consultation prior to any of our treatments. This session is an opportunity for you to tell us about your condition, medical history, any treatments you’ve tried in the past, and the results you hope to see. During this session, we’ll guide you through the treatment procedure, addressing any questions you may have. 

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Disclaimer: This blog is not to be used for diagnostic purposes. Every individual situation unique which means that results, recovery and suitability for any type of treatment will vary. For specific health concerns and personalised treatment discussions, always consult your health professional.