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5 Incredible Benefits of Physiotherapy to Improve Heart Health

We all know February is the love month, but there’s more to celebrate than just Valentine’s Day. Did you know it’s also the Heart Month at The Wellness Edge?

Imagine your heart is the CEO of your body – the boss responsible for sending out blood to all departments in the body. Now, if the CEO (the heart) isn’t in tip top shape, it can affect the quantity and quality of blood distributed, inevitably affecting the overall quality of life.

The good news is that in a lot of cases the risk factors for heart disease can be prevented or improved by making simple, specific lifestyle changes, adopting good nutrition habits & incorporating healthy routines. Physiotherapy can play an important role in education and prevention of coronary artery disease and heart attack. In this blog post, you will learn the 5 incredible benefits of physiotherapy in improving your heart health.


Benefits of Physiotherapy in Improving your Heart Health


1. Strength Training Exercises: Strength training, in addition to cardio, is a powerful tool in reducing the risk of heart disease and enhancing overall health. Increasing muscle mass speeds up the body’s metabolic rate and can assist in decreasing fat mass, especially visceral fat around vital organs like the heart. Most of us know that visceral fat is the dangerous type that contributes to a lot of chronic health conditions, including heart disease.

2. Blood Pressure control: High blood pressure is a common risk factor for heart disease. However, science has shown that Infrared Sauna Therapy is effective in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. A study conducted by the University of Missouri, Kansas City, on the Health benefits of far Infrared Sauna Therapy identified it as a natural and effective method to temporarily lower blood pressure. Incorporating Infrared Sauna sessions, as part of a healthy lifestyle routine dilates blood vessels, thus increasing circulation needed for healthy blood pressure.

3. Advice and Educate about modifiable risk factors: Your physiotherapist can discuss safe and sustainable methods for reducing or maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight, sugar levels, waist circumference and what type of exercise will suit you best. 

4. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight: Being overweight or obese increases the risk of certain heart conditions. Physiotherapy not only helps patients recover from cardiac events but can also offer a tailored approach to weight management through personalised exercises.

5. Relieves Stress: Stress can have a negative impact on heart health. A blend of our physiotherapy and wellness services can help to alleviate stress, integrating relaxation techniques seamlessly into your health and lifestyle routine. This, in effect, can lower stress levels and assist with reducing the risk of developing heart disease.



In conclusion, physiotherapy is not just a remedy but a proactive strategy in mitigating the risk factors associated with heart disease. As we celebrate the month of love and Heart Awareness, we are excited to extend a special offer to our amazing community. 

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